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Undergraduate degree program students of India's 1st climate school, established by Sustai

Anant School for Climate Action

​India’s First Climate School

As an example of end-to-end organisational transformation, SLP has worked with Anant National University since 2015 to transform the university into becoming a sustainable university.  SLP has established sustainability-focused curriculum, infrastructure, waste management practices and systems, as well as continuously trained faculty members and staff. Members from SLP are embedded within Anant’s internal team, working collaboratively in the management of the transformation. 


SLP established and manages the Anant School for Climate Action on a day-to-day basis; India’s first undergraduate to PhD degree education institution focused only on climate-change solutions. Under the university, SLP has conceptualised and is running the Anant Fellowship for Climate Action, a unique international climate education program which was founded in 2019. It is designed to help Fellows develop the skills required for them to lead large-scale solutions to mitigate climate change.  SLP established and manages the Anant Centre for Sustainability, a think-teach-do tank within Anant National University in 2018 and continues to lead and run the centre. The centre serves as the hub for all changes related to the transformation of the curriculum, infrastructure, mindsets, and research focus towards sustainable design and architecture. SLP set up a unique 4-year, full-time, Bachelor's degree at the University— Bachelor of Technology specialising in Climate Change, launched in 2022. It is the only undergraduate degree program in India offering students the opportunity to specialise in climate technologies and thus be part of the $23 trillion climate economy globally.

View the brochure for the B.Tech in Climate Change degree here.

View the brochure for the Anant Fellowship for Climate Action here.

Would you like to be associated with the Anant Centre for Sustainability on climate change and affordable housing? Write to us at

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