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SLP is very invested in building capacity within organisations to successfully transition them towards becoming sustainable. This is done through working with the client as our extended team, designing and delivering rigorous training programs, and establishing sustainability- focused systems at the client organisation.

Capacity building

HCLTech Foundation

SLP is working with HCL Foundation to transform the Foundation and the 218 NGOs it supports pan-India to become environmentally and socially responsible in its operations as well as financially sustainable. It builds capacity within their employees and 218 NGO partners on all aspects of sustainability and ESG. SLP has prepared and shared more than 10 manuals with the Foundation that are based on global tools, case studies, policy and  benchmarks required by NGOs and Corporates in their journey to incorporate sustainability.


SLP works closely with BCG’s multiple offices globally as BCG’s climate experts. It builds capacity on climate science and climate action skills within the Group. Dr. Miniya Chatterji, CEO, SLP,  is BCG’s climate expert. Dr. Miniya Chatterji and the SLP team roll out climate-focused masterclasses for the BCG leadership globally, and represent BCG in the BCG academy for climate-focused training of BCG’s clients.

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Convergence Energy Services Ltd.


SLP designed the logo and branding of the new electric buses aggregated by Convergence.

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