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Environment & Social (E&S) Assessment

We help you with sustainability assessments of your business, work and projects, and provide you with a report on the economic, environmental, and social impact of your organization, including SROI reports, GRI standards based business sustainability reports, Integrated reports, Life Cycle Assessments, E&S assessments of greenfield projects. we also provide third party assurance to sustainability reports. 

Due Diligence &
Sustainability Reporting

BW BUSINESSWORLD Media Pvt. Ltd. (Delhi, India)

Sustain Labs develops the annual ranking of India’s Most Sustainable Companies for BW Businessworld, a leading business magazine in the country. This exercise involves a detailed analysis of India’s largest 200 companies and ranking them on a proprietary framework that covers 30 sustainability parameters.


Sustain Labs gathers data on the 200 companies, through public documents, questionnaires, employee interviews, and external stakeholder interviews. Based on this data, a detailed assessment and scoring of all companies are done by Sustain Labs.


In addition to the rankings, Sustain Labs writes short pieces that summarise the performance of the top 20 most sustainable companies, which makes for the entire content of BW Businessworld’s magazine issue in November every year on "India’s most sustainable companies".

Environmental & Social Assessment And Assurance

Bharti Airtel

Sustain Labs wrote Bharti Airtel’s first Sustainability Assessment Cube Report (SACR)


The SACR entailed a deep dive into Bharti Airtel’s performance against six aspects and 31 key performance indicators that form the SLP sustainability cube. The data for this analysis was collected from publicly available, audited documents published by Bharti Airtel in the financial year 2019-20. We studied the performance of Bharti Airtel’s peers in India to provide the company with a more nuanced understanding of sustainability in the telecom industry. We also drew global insights from the recent publications of organisations that are leading the way in sustainability, telecommunications and climate change solutions.


We used the results of our research to inform Bharti Aitel about their strengths and areas for improvement. We presented them with a sector-level comparison with their peers and provided examples of international best practices. The report also offered recommendations on how Bharti Airtel can further strengthen its sustainability strategy.

Visaka Industries Limited

Sustain Labs Paris wrote the first sustainability report for Visaka Industries Limited titled, ‘Ability Responsibility Sustainability’ for the financial year 2020 - 2021. This report is aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework. 


The sustainability report presented the evolution of Visaka over 40 years and elaborated on how innovation, people, a sharp focus on science and research for generating clean revenue has enabled the company to leverage sustainability as a business. We worked in close collaboration with the senior leadership of the company to get a clear picture of the values, mission and strategy adopted by them towards achieving their objectives as a responsible business entity. 


Led by a team of expert researchers, technical writers and designers, we conducted rigorous interviews with the company's stakeholders and used secondary research methods to produce a highly informative, detailed report that highlighted the outstanding work done by the company towards its consumers, society, employees and the environment. 

Affordable Housing Institute (Boston, USA/ Fiji)

Sustain Labs led the Environment and Social Assessment of a World Bank funded urban development project in Fiji for building affordable houses across six sites in the Western and Central Division of the island of Viti Levu. Four sites were near the capital city of Suva and 2 sites were in major towns in the Western Division of Viti Levu, which is home to nearly 90% of the Fijian population. The assessment included:

  • Review of urban development plans to assess how the project integrates in the development plans.

  • Assess potential pressure on existing utilities and infrastructure, and related impacts.

  • Summarize local environmental permitting requirements.

  • Collect information and review the local life and fire safety

  • Identify potential land contamination sources

  • Update and supplement the stakeholder identification and analysis undertaken as part of the EIAs developed by the HA for the project.

  • Assess exposure to natural hazards

  • Provide indication of national requirements for Emergency Preparedness and Response and the gaps with WBG EHS and IFC PS requirements.

Saltech Design Labs
Pvt. Ltd. (Naroda Ind Estate, India)

Sustain Labs completed a sustainability assessment of Saltech Design Labs’s production facilities that recycles unsegregated plastic into building materials. At the end of this assessment, Sustain Labs provided Saltech with an in-depth sustainability assessment report that included production description, assessment of energy effciency, safety measures, human resource management, carbon footprint, SDG mapping, NVG mapping.


Sustain Labs also provided advice on how to overcome challenges, media coverage, and a certificate. Further, a case study is being developed by Sustain Labs about Saltech Design Labs, which will be used for education purposes by SciencesPo Paris.

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Unsegregated materials recycled into tiles by Saltech Design Labs.

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