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BW Businessworld x Sustain Labs Paris
India’s Most Sustainable Companies



The BW Businessworld India’s Most Sustainable Companies list is the result of an intensely research driven and data backed assessment of India’s 200 largest companies by revenue each year. The assessment process by Sustain Labs Paris uses the SLP Cube assessment framework commences in the month of April every year and thereafter takes 10 months to complete. All 200 companies are assessed free of cost.

In the 2nd edition of BW Businessword India’s Most Sustainable Companies, for the first time, the opportunity to be assessed was opened up to companies beyond the research universe as well. 6 additional companies were included such that we assessed 206 companies during the year.


As a first step, companies that were convicted at court for wrong doing in the past 3 years were sifted out of the research universe. This year there were no such companies found. Data from audited company reports for FY 2020 - 21 was then gathered for the remaining companies for 31 KPIs across 6 sides of the SLP Cube framework. As the next step, BW Businessworld and Sustain Labs Paris reached out to CXOs of each of the companies assessed for conversations that serve to provide a deeper understanding of the company’s sustainability performance as well as to fill the data gaps for assessing the company as per the SLP Cube assessment framework. 

Next, a sectoral assessment is conducted of the data gathered such that all 206 companies belonging to 11 different sectors were peer benchmarked within their specific sector. This year, we introduced 3 sector experts for each sector. In order to ensure we receive unbiased advice, our sector experts were chosen from academia, research, think tanks, and none were from the private sector. The subsequent step was to put together the verified data sheets for each company as well as the comments and scores provided by the sector experts for each company. This led to a sector level company ranking as per their sustainability performance for the year. All 11 sectors were then merged to create a single list of 206 companies as per their sustainability performance.  

For the 2nd edition of the BW Businessworld India’s Most Sustainable Companies list, we introduced a final step, the jury round. In this step, 12 jury members, each well established experts across diverse industries, deliberated and validated the ranking for the top 20 companies in the list.

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