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Sustainability has emerged as a strategic response adopted by forward looking organisations to reduce resource dependency and consumption costs while integrating greater stakeholder responsibility into their business model and operations. The organisations' leaders such as you play a critical role as champions in the implementation of sustainability for organisational transformation. 

This is why Sustain Labs works with you to help your organisation implement sustainability-focussed transformations that add value for stakeholders while reducing your resource costs. Our team integrates within your company to work with you to ensure your operations, products and services are sustainable. We work on your infrastructure to ensure resource efficiency, establish waste management systems, build a responsible work culture, besides implementing a host of other bespoke strategic actions. No matter what stage your organisation is at, Sustain Labs works from planning to implementation and management of the organisational changes needed to make your organisation responsible and profitable.

How We Do It
We Establish A Hub

Once we agree to work together, Sustain Labs establishes a sustainability team within your organisation. 

We Align

The sustainability team at your organisation is composed of members of the SLP team and employees of your organisation. Together we speak to stakeholders across the company and create the organisation's sustainability roadmap as well as the implementation plan

We Accomplish

Gradually we together implement the sustainability roadmap, while continuously building capacity within your organisation. 

​The Six Sides Of Sustainability
Resource Efficiency
Social Entrepreneurship 
Financial Management 
Employee Well-being 
Clean Revenue 
Inclusive Supply Chain 
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Organisations Transformed
Anant National University (Ahmedabad, India)

Universities will play a profound role in a century that will be defined by society's capacity to prepare for and respond to crises. Universities that focus on responsible use of resources via its physical infrastructure, praxis and curriculum, have a snowballing positive impact on every organisation that its students will be part of. This is why working with Anant National University, India's first design university excites us at Sustain Labs. 


Sustain Labs established the Anant Centre for Sustainability, a think-teach-do tank within Anant National University in 2015 and continues to lead and run the centre. the team is composed of Sustain Labs team members as well as AnantU employees such that Sustain Labs can gradually build talent and know-how within the university itself. Sustain Labs ensures that students, academics, researchers and practitioners co-create knowledge and practice that is socially and environmentally responsible, leading ultimately to the growth of the university at large. The Anant Centre for Sustainability serves as the hub within Anant National University for all changes related to the transformation of curriculum, infrastructure, mindsets, research focus towards sustainable design and architecture. 


Through a dialogical process of organisational-societal learning, Sustain Labs establishes various linkages between the university and Sustain Labs other clients and networks, to build an integrated approach that cross-links information, opportunities, and projects for Anant National University to meritously establish its niche as a university focused on sustainable design and architecture. 

Anant national Univ.jpg

Iconic wall mural stating "REFUSE" (plastics), painted by the students of Anant National University.


Students in the atrium of the School of Collective Intelligence.

School of Collective Intelligence 
(Ben Guerir, Morocco)

Sustain Labs advised Mohammed VI Polytechnic University on the setup of the School of Collective Intelligence. With partners from across the world, the coalition helped shape collective intelligence as a new transdisciplinary field, bringing together insights from cognitive science, data science, computer science, political science, and philosophy to meet the challenges of this century. 

Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.
(India, South Africa, Australia)

As Chief Sustainability Officer at the USD 3.4 billion Jindal Steel & Power, Dr. Miniya Chatterji CEO Sustain Labs established the company's sustainability team and department, placing it at the centre of the company's operations. JSPL's sustainability team was responsible globally for environment, safety, CSR, R&D, and set up the company's energy efficiency team which also thereafter reported in to the sustainability department. In collaboration with the CEO, Dr. Miniya Chatterji developed Jindal Steel & Power's construction materials business which was entirely based on waste to wealth processes. The team also worked towards training employees across the company on adopting a mindset and practices that are sustainable. Dr. Miniya Chatterji published Jindal Steel & Power's first sustainability report based on the GRI framework in 2014 and subsequently in 2015 and 2016. In 2017, Jindal Steel & Power came in as Sustain Labs's first client such that  Sustain Labs then launched and managed a powerful advocacy campaign for Jindal Steel & Power about ‘Democracy and the Courts’.

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