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Sustain Labs works with you to create socially and environmentally responsible products and services, besides building resource efficient buildings, sustainable infrastructure, responsible work culture, waste management systems, energy efficiency, amongst offering other services that completely transform your organisation into becoming environmentally and socially responsible. We work from planning to complete the implementation and management of organisational change.

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How we do it?

  • We assess 

Sustain Labs uses the SLP sustainability cube to assess organisations on their sustainability performance and arrives at a definitive score.

  • We align 

Scored organisations then have the option to either get a detailed report of our assessment or to partner with us to use the assessment and improve their sustainability performance. 

  • We accomplish 

Sustain Labs believes that organisations should be able to become independent of external organisations to assess their own performance. To arrive there, we also train and prepare members from within the organisation to carry out future assessments and detailed reports. 


The six sides

of sustainability

  • Resource efficiency
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Management
  • Employee Well-being
  • Clean Revenue
  • Inclusive Supply Chain
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Anant National University (Ahmedabad, India)

Sustain Labs is transforming a traditional design and architecture university into becoming India’s first sustainable design university. Some of the organisational transformations are as follows

  • Established and leading the Centre for Sustainability, which is a prominent think-teach-do-tank at the university. Sustain Labs ensures that this research centre is the source for all the organisational transformation that Sustain Labs drives at Anant, thus ensuring that the change is data and research driven.

  • Leading the build up of new infrastructure and sustainable furnishing.

  • Initiated and managing energy effciency programmes.

  • Responsible for the set up and management of waste management systems at the university.

  • Behaviour change programmes targeted at internal stakeholders.

  • Conducts annual sustainability measurement of the university and set internal sustainability targets for the following year.

  • Transformed the curriculum of the university to include sustainability across the pedagogy.

Mohammed VI Polytechnic

University (Ben Guerir, Morocco)

  • To conduct research that allows us to understand how humans react in group settings, and what biases human reasoning is prone to in group settings

  • To identify, design, and empirically test processes that effectively aggregate group knowledge and optimize the outcome of collective actions.

  • To create new technologies that support and enhance collective intelligence.

  • To train future leaders to understand collective intelligence, and to implement that understanding in leadership and strategy


Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (Ben Guerir, Morocco)

Sustain Labs is advising UM6P on the setup of the School of Collective Intelligence. With partners from across the world, the coalition helps shape collective intelligence as a new transdisciplinary field, bringing together insights from cognitive science, data science, computer science, political science, and philosophy to meet the challenges of this century. The School for Collective Intelligence does the following:

We believe that advocacy for sustainability is an efficient and proven method that ensuring holistic change and development. 

Jindal Steel and Power Limited (New Delhi, India)

  • Sustain Labs launched and managed a powerful advocacy campaign for JSPL about ‘Democracy and the Courts’. Public events that brought together thought leaders, artists, musicians were organised in Delhi, that brought to light the degradation of justice in the country.

  • Cases such as the Aarushi murder case was taken up, and celebrated music activist Tritha composed a song for the song, that was performed live to an enthralled audience. In the backdrop of the performance, Sustain Labs exhibited the original works of renowned artist Olivia Dalrymple that depict peace.

  • Several public intellectuals such as Karuna Nundy, Tishani Doshi, Akhil Sibal. Abhinandan Sekhri, Tanveer Ahmed, have been part of the debates that were organised by Sustain Labs at prestigious venues such as the Constitution Club of India and Bikaner House in Delhi.

Anant Fellowship for Climate Action (Ahmedabad, India)

  • Established the Anant Fellowship for Climate Action, a highly reputed 1 year global program for climate change solutionaries.

  • Brought in a Board of Mentors such as Chetan Maini, Laurence Toubiana, Adam Werbach, Arunabha Ghosh.

  • Brought in globally acclaimed faculty members from University of Oxford, University of California Berkeley, MIT, SciencesPo Paris, to teach at the Fellowship.

  • Designed the pedagogy of the Fellowship, including an innovative online platform to deliver remote learning.

  • Undertook the international marketing of the Fellowship. In 2019, the Fellowship attracted 1400+ candidates from 31 countries for 20 seats.

  • Lead and manage the Fellowship’s daily activities.

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