Sustain Labs accepts a set of organisations in its portfolio every year to solve the specific challenges faced by the organisation for its own as well as its stakeholders' sustenance. It leverages in depth research and a rich community of experts, leaders, and trailblazers world wide to solve organisational challenges. After completion of the project, the organisation continues to receive support from Sustain Labs against no cost, and thus eventually becomes a member of a community of sustainable organisations.


An example of a self sustaining building designed by Sustain Labs

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Buildings with zero wastage and built using largely recycled material can be styled in the most modern designs as a brilliant example of how aesthetics and lifestyle does not need to be compromised for sustainability. They are ideal to build at allschool and university campuses to bring sustainability out of text books and in to the daily environment of students. They are also a solution for those who want to live off- grid, or for nature retreats, ashrams, bio reserves, or in areas with lack of water and electricity connection.


Thrive without eroding nature's resources.

Our technology driven solutions, research, and financial modelling roll out practical solutions to ensure that your organisation thrives yet it's footprint does not harm the environment. We manage your energy efficiency program, environment related legal compliances, and carbon footprint.

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We help you with sustainability assessments of your business, work and projects, and provide you with reports customised to your need. These reports include GRI reports, impact assessment and SROI, sustainability assessments and certification, and the E&S assessment of your organisation or project.

Green Balconies
Solar Panel Installation


Place social good at the core of your business model.

We help you build from scratch your corporate social responsibility program, such that it is impactful as well as revenue generating and tied in to your business model. We believe that CSR is important but it must not be philanthropic for it to be sustainable.


We build curriculum, infrastructure, waste and energy systems for your office, school, university campus.

We build buildings, infrastructure, and processes for work, university, school campuses that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient: from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance. For universities and schools, we develop from scratch or adapt an existing curriculum to one that enhances environmental and social responsibility. We also build powerful platforms for debate, influence, and advocacy.

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