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Building Capacity

SLP is very invested in building capacity within organisations to successfully transition them towards becoming sustainable. This is done through working with the client as an extended team, designing and delivering rigorous training programs, and establishing sustainability-focused systems at the client organisation.

SLP and the Ministry of Education

In keeping with H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s emphasis on the green learning curriculum for sustainability and climate change education in the UAE, SLP, in partnership with the UAE’s Ministry of Education, developed the UAE Green Learning Toolkits. The toolkits comprising 4 booklets of 75 co-curricular activities for the students of KG-1 until university level, were each adapted to 14 curriculums taught across the UAE. The toolkits were launched during COP 28 with 4 workshops, 1 for each learning stage, with an aim to introduce them to educational institutions and also to implement the toolkits among students.  The workshops were facilitated by teachers who teach in the UAE with students as registered participants. 

SLP and Community Development in the UAE

SLP worked with the International Advisory Group and the UAE’s Ministry of Community Development to develop practical toolkits for the UAE’s senior citizens and people of determination to live sustainably.

People of determination.png
Senior citizens handbook.png

SLP Commits to Expanding Climate Education

With the support of the Clinton Global Initiative, SLP has committed to establishing 10 climate schools in the most climate-vulnerable regions of the world over the next 5 years. This is aligned with SLP’s endeavour to support climate education, which is necessary to enable climate resilience and climate change mitigation solutions globally.

SLP Builds Capacity in Organisations


SLP works closely with BCG’s multiple offices globally as BCG’s climate experts to build capacity on climate science and climate action skills within the group. Dr. Miniya Chatterji, CEO, SLP,  is BCG’s climate expert. Dr. Chatterji and the SLP team roll out climate-focused masterclasses for the BCG leadership globally, and represent BCG in the BCG academy for climate-focused training of BCG’s clients.

Image by Kvalifik

HCLTech Foundation

SLP is working with HCL Foundation to transform the Foundation and the 218 NGOs it supports pan-India to become environmentally and socially responsible in its operations as well as financially sustainable. SLP conducted 3 capacity-building workshops for HCL Foundation’s NGO partners in the Bangalore, Chennai and Lucknow campuses where around 100 implementation agencies participated, with 2 members representing each agency. The workshop included concepts on sustainability, discussed the latest trends, and guided participants on how to identify sustainable solutions, measure impact, and report. The workshop helped the participants coming from different sectors to identify sustainable solutions suitable for them. SLP has also prepared and shared more than 10 manuals with the Foundation that are based on global tools, case studies, policy, and  benchmarks required by NGOs and corporates in their journey to incorporate sustainability.

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