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Microsoft Sustainability DIY

SLP and Microsoft have partnered to build Sustainability DIY, an online institution to ‘DIY’ sustainability. Corporate sustainability executives and sustainability practitioners can access learning packs and tools to set sustainability targets and report on their sustainability performance, without having to depend on consultants. Sustainability DIY de-jargonises sustainability and makes organisations self-reliant towards improving their organisation’s sustainability performance. Sustainability DIY presents relevant information in an efficient manner.


Microsoft Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa Sustainability Academy

In the above link, under the heading ‘Introduction to Sustainability DIY,’ there are four tabs each corresponding to four specific resources: SBTI DIY, GRI Standards DIY, ESRS (CSRD) Standards DIY, and IFRS Sustainability Standards DIY. Each of the four resources has a Learning Pack consisting of five Journeys. The 3rd Journey in each Learning Pack is about data collection and has an excel based Tool that corporate sustainability executives can download and use for gathering data in their organisation. The Tool for data gathering also has a video to explain how to use the Tool.

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