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Carbon Capture Company

About Carbon
Capture Company

Carbon Capture Company is the UAE’s first carbon capture and storage project development service platform. We bring 30 years of experience in sustainability and building infrastructure in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. 


Establishment of SLP


Establishment of Al Shabah Electromechanical in Dubai, UAE

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Establishment of SLP Project Management Services in Dubai, UAE

Partnership between 

  • SLP Project Management Services (UAE)

  • International Advisory Group (UAE)

Establishment of Carbon Capture Company

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Our Timeline

The pressure on industries to achieve net-zero emissions and the regulatory clamp down on usage of offsets for entirely doing so, makes the industrial usage of carbon capture and storage more relevant than ever before.
Our carbon capture and storage project development services are designed to decarbonise industries that have CO2 as their Scope 1 emissions.

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