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Research & Technical Reports

SLP takes pride in its expertise to provide deep research-driven technical services for process decarbonisation, supply chain decarbonisation, carbon accounting, sustainable product development, Life Cycle Assessments, and sustainability assessments.

Sustainable product development

SLP supports the design and manufacturing of sustainable products and services. Depending on the support needed by an organisation, SLP conducts Life Cycle Assessments and other analyses, provides insights, and implements the changes needed for improving product and service sustainability.


SLP is working closely with PepsiCo, a multinational food, snack, and beverage company, to conduct a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment for understanding the environmental impact of the equipment used in PepsiCo's operations. By examining the life cycle, SLP is helping PepsiCo in identifying refined pathways where sustainability efforts and efficiencies can be maximised for product improvement and better decision making towards environmental stewardship.

Life Cycle Assessment Pepsico-03.png
String bio.png

String Bio

SLP worked closely with String Bio, a biotechnology firm based in India, to evaluate the environmental impact caused by one of its products, a nutrient-dense, high-quality protein feed source. SLP obtained relevant life-cycle data from across its business and computed the impact according to 6 different categories as per the Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules. SLP also ran a series of simulations for Life Cycle Assessment study. As a result, String Bio was able to arrive at a product process with the lowest emissions, resulting in the least environmental impact.

String bio copy.png

Technical reports

SLP offers organisations several technical reports related to sustainability, depending on the need of the organisation.

While the reports are confidential, here are some of the clients for whom SLP has provided technical services.

Environment & social assessment

SLP conducts third-party environmental and social assessments for projects and companies. It identifies risk, provides recommendations, and certification of results.

Affordable housing ( Fiji)

SLP was part of a coalition that established affordable housing sites in Fiji. SLP led the Environment and Social Assessment of the World Bank-funded urban development project in Fiji for building affordable houses across 6 sites in the Western and Central Division of the island of Viti Levu. 4 sites were near the capital city of Suva and 2 sites were in major towns in the Western Division of Viti Levu.

Ranking Most Sustainable Companies

Edition 1.png

SLP partnered with BW Businessworld, a leading business magazine in India, to publish an annual ranking of India’s most sustainable companies.  This exercise involved SLP undertaking a detailed analysis of India’s largest 200 companies by revenue and ranking them on a proprietary framework covering 31 sustainability parameters. The research and decisions related to scores and ranking were carried out by SLP. The ranking was published as a special issue along with case studies on the best practices in sustainability in corporate India, analyses of trends by sector, and insights from the leadership teams of the top-performing companies. In 2023, SLP, in partnership with BW Businessworld, published the 3rd edition of India’s Most Sustainable Companies.

To gain in-depth insights  of your company’s sustainability performance benchmarked to peers, request your sustainability assessment report by writing to

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