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SLP works with organisations to make them environmentally and socially responsible as well as profitable. SLP helps industries reduce their carbon footprint and achieve net-zero emissions, supports governments to implement climate change mitigation strategies, and has set up universities, hospitals, and new businesses that focus on sustainable growth. SLP is also playing a pivotal role in sustainability education in the UAE and in GCC countries.



SLP worked closely with the $64 billion Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) in partnership with the International Advisory Group towards the establishment of ADNOC's refreshed sustainability strategies. The SLP team engaged with ADNOC’s internal stakeholders to assess issues material to the company and identified areas of improvement for ADNOC with respect to competencies, resources, and systems. SLP assessed ADNOC’s strengths and weakness through benchmarking its position with its peers in the sector both regionally and globally, and established ADNOC’s sustainability roadmap to make them best-in-class globally for sustainability.


Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.
(India, South Africa, Australia)

As Chief Sustainability Officer at the USD 3.4 billion Jindal Steel and Power Ltd. (JSPL), Dr. Miniya Chatterji, CEO, SLP, established the company's sustainability team and department, placing it at the centre of the company's operations. JSPL's sustainability team was responsible globally for environment, safety, CSR, and R&D, and also set up the company's energy efficiency team which thereafter reported into the sustainability department. In collaboration with the CEO, Dr. Chatterji developed JSPL's construction materials business which was entirely based on waste-to-wealth processes. The team also worked towards training employees across the company on adopting a mindset towards sustainable practices. Dr. Chatterji published JSPL's first sustainability report based on the GRI framework in 2014, and subsequently in 2015 and 2016. In 2017, JSPL came in as SLP's first client and then SLP launched and managed a powerful advocacy campaign for JSPL about ‘Democracy and the Courts.'


Sustainability Education in the UAE and in GCC Countries

SLP partnered with the UAE Ministry of Education to include sustainability in 14 curriculums across the UAE. SLP developed Green Learning Toolkits under Sustainability Education catering to four learning levels covering KG1 – Grade 12 – university. Each toolkit had 75 activities for developing excitement, a deep conceptual understanding, and experiential learning about sustainable development in children. The activities were aligned to the four domains of the UAE’s Green Learning Curriculum, i.e., Energy; Earth Biosphere; Consumption Climate Action; and Innovation for Sustainability.

To develop sustainability-focused education and habits in school-going children in GCC countries, SLP partnered with PepsiCo and SDG13 to create gamified co-curricular activities in the form of 14 Sustainable Habits 7x7 booklets. Catering across KG1 – Grade 12, the booklets were designed on a 7x7 framework anchored in a matrix of 7 Actions x 7 Experiences to inculcate sustainable habits that are good for the people and the environment.

School of Collective Intelligence 
(Ben Guerir, Morocco)

SLP advised Mohammed VI Polytechnic University on the set up of the School of Collective Intelligence. With partners from across the world, the coalition helped shape collective intelligence as a new transdisciplinary field, bringing together insights from cognitive science, data science, computer science, political science, and philosophy to meet the challenges of this century. 


Anant National University, India

SLP established and runs India’s first climate-focused university, the Anant School for Climate Action, at Anant National University, Ahmedabad. The university offers comprehensive sustainability-focused programmes at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The Bachelor of Technology in Climate Change is currently the only 4-year engineering program in India that empowers students to specialise in the development of cutting-edge climate technologies for both mitigation and adaptation to climate change. 


In 2018, SLP established the Anant Centre for Sustainability, a think-teach-do tank within Anant National University and continues to lead and run the centre. The team is composed of SLP team members as well as Anant employees such that SLP can gradually build talent and know-how within the university itself. SLP ensures that students, academics, researchers, and practitioners co-create knowledge and practice that is socially and environmentally responsible, leading ultimately to the growth of the university at large. 

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