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  BW Businessworld x Sustain Labs Paris
India's Most Sustainable Companies

BW Businessworld x Sustain Labs Paris
India's Most Sustainable Companies


Sustain Labs has partnered with BW Businessworld, a leading business magazine in India to present an annual ranking of India’s most sustainable companies. The special issue publishes case studies on the best practices in sustainability in corporate India, analyses of trends by sector, and insights from the leadership teams of the top-performing companies. For companies seeking an in-depth analysis of their performance, sectoral insights, and recommendations from the global panel of experts at Sustain Labs, the partnership also publishes the customized "Sustainability Assessment Cube Reports".

The Sustain Labs and BW Businessworld partnership is a believer in the strength and promise that corporate India holds. All corporations provide livelihood to employees. By offering products and services to clients, they usually add value to people’s lives. Further, if companies are mindful of and ensure the well-being of their employees, customers, local communities, the environment, and ecosystem then they immensely contribute to the betterment of society and our world. The Sustain Labs and BW Businessworld’s India’s most sustainable companies therefore publishes an annual list of companies ranked as per the companies' sustainability performance. 

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How We Do It

Combining years of research and industrial experience, Sustain Labs Paris has identified six sides to the

SLP sustainability cube:

  • Resource Efficiency 

  • Social Entrepreneurship 

  • Financial Management 

  • Employee Well-being

  • Clean Revenue

  • Inclusive Supply Chain

Scoring -
Key Perfomance Indicators

Diving deeper into these sides, we also drew 31 aspects and their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that would serve us to examine, assess and rank all companies. Each KPI carries 10 points, each with equal weightage.

The 31 Aspects in the SLP sustainability cube check for performances related to waste thrice, fatalities and grave incidents detrimental to employee well-being four times, diversity thrice, ethics and legal compliances twice such that it naturally embeds more weightage to these specific issues within the framework. If there is no information available for a KPI then a penalty score of -2.5 is attributed to the specific KPI. If the KPI is not applicable to a specific sector then the specific KPI is marked as ‘not applicable’ for all companies within that sector.


The Formula

The 31 KPIs

India's Most Sustainable Companies

Showcase your company's sustainability performance


Gain Industry expert insights to improve your sustainability practices


Benchmark your company against the industry leaders


India’s  Most Sustainable
Companies FY 2020 - 21

The top 200 companies were ranked according to their sustainability performance in the previous financial year. Their final scores informed the Ratings for 2020-21 - assessed as per the SLP Sustainability Cube.

Rating A+

Rank                                        Company                                                    Sustainability Score

1                                           HDFC Ltd.                                                               8.135

2                                           Tech Mahindra                                                       7.897

3                                           Marico                                                                     7.833

4                                           HUL                                                                          7.500

5                                           Tata Communications                                           7.483

6                                           Godrej Consumer Products                                  7.467

7                                           Wipro                                                                      7.069

8                                           M&M Financial Services                                       7.038

9                                           Infosys                                                                    7.017

10                                        Maruti Suzuki India                                               7.017

11                                        Tata Consultancy Services                                  6.948

12                                         Piramal Enterprises                                             6.800

13                                        Godrej Industries                                                   6.767

14                                         Bharti Airtel                                                          6.638

15                                         UltraTech Cement                                                6.350

16                                         ACC                                                                        6.250

17                                         HCL Technologies                                                6.241

18                                         Dr. Reddy's Laboratories                                    6.233

19                                         Havells India                                                         6.217

20                                         Tata Power Company                                          6.200

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