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We establish and manage new institutions for a sustainable future. 

Sustain Labs is an enterprise based in India, UAE, and New Zealand that establishes and manages new institutions and assets that profoundly move the needle towards a sustainable future.  


Some of the institutions created and managed by Sustain Labs are the Anant School for Climate Action which is India’s first Undergraduate to PhD school focusing on climate technologies; sustainable housing projects in New Zealand and Fiji; postgraduate level sustainability focused courses offered by Sciences Po in France; 28 affordable temporary COVID hospitals and quarantine centres across 5 states in India; the annual flagship ranking of ‘India's Most Sustainable Companies’ published each year as a standalone magazine issue by India's largest selling business magazine.


Founded in 2018, Sustain Labs has also partnered with organisations to make them more environmentally and socially responsible as well as profitable. Every year, Sustain Labs delivers 200+ corporate assessments, 15+ technical reports, and 2000+ hours dedicated to sustainability education. Sustain Labs has worked with large global companies as well as universities, development projects and start ups on organisation transformation, infrastructure, sustainability reporting, and strategies to move towards net zero. Through Sustain Labs Stargazers Foundation, the company’s not for profit arm, Sustain Labs offers sustainability services to startups on a not for profit basis. 

Technical Reports and Services Offered
by Sustain Labs Paris